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has been sold, we have a live report from new york and stay tuned we will have all the details.
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>> reporter: we're live in san francisco where an an arson investigator is on scene trying
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to determine the -- where an arson investigators -- is on the scene trying to figure out what sent a firefighter to the hospital. the new york stock exchange has been sold. what it means for investors and the u.s. economy. >> reporter: a grandmother gunned down near her house. a very cold start to the day. coming up, the neighborhoods that are currently in the upper 20s and when rain returns to the forecast. "mornings on 2" starts right now. well, good morning to you. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm tori campbell. it's thursday, december 20th. we begin with breaking news out of san francisco where a firefighter has been taken to the hospital after a fire. lorraine blanco is live on broad street with the information on the firefighter's condition and how
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muni service is being affected. >> reporter: good morning, tori. i can first tell you that an arson investigator is on scene right now trying to determine the cause of this fire. firefighters say it started in a second-floor unit of this apartment building. you can't tell from the outside but according to the assistant fire chief he just told me there's quite extensive damage inside a rear unit. let's take a look at some video from newschopper2. firefighters got the call about 5:30 this morning to 119 broad street. more than a dozen residents and eight units got out safely. but one san francisco firefighter, he was treated for smoke inhalation. he was transported to the hospital but it looks like he will be okay. >> the company began to do a search, checking for fire extension. during that time, i had a firefighter exit the building suffering from smokes inhalation.
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he's been transpored to -- transported to kaiser for evaluation. >> reporter: the assistant fire chief noted this is a terrible time of year for this -- for this to happen. the american red cross is on scene. they are assisting residents with food and shelter. and you can see a bus behind plea -- me the residents are being kept in there to stay warm with the red cross helps them out with whatever they need. there is also a muni line out of service for the time being. the assistant fire chief said it will be another half-hour for 45 minutes where this muni line street is going to be closed off and itis closed off to traffic. the cause of the fire is under investigation. an arson investigator is on scene right now and we'll bring you more details as soon as they become available. lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2
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news. a tragic story from oakland. a grandmother was shot and killed by a stray bullet. ktvu's tara moriarty is in oakland right now with the latest on who she was and how this happened. tara? >> reporter: well, the woman was simply walking to the store, the way she's probably done countless times before. but last night she didn't make it. and now police at headquarters are trying to figure out exactly who is responsible. this violence erupted around 7:00 last night on the 9100 block of international boulevard, when gunfire erupted across the street from the victim. she was a 49-year-old grandmother walking with a relative when she was struck and killed. police did not identify a woman. but a long time friend said she was ramona foreman who cared for her mother. now, police have made no arrests. they are still trying to figure out what instigated the gunfire
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that left at least ten shellcationss on the sidewalk -- shell casings on the sidewalk and then after that, more gunfire. one person was injured and drove himself to the hospital. he was transferred to highland hospital. his condition is stabilized. police told us they don't believe these two shootings -- are related -- shootings are related. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:05. happening right now, two state department officials are testifying before a congressional panel about the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in ben gadzy, libya. these are some pictures from this morning. we've been following this at the senate foreign relations hearing. now, the public testimony comes two days after an independent review panel issued a report that blamed management failures at the state department for "grocery inadequate security"
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at that consulate. that led to the resignations of four state officials. secretary of state hillary clinton was due to testify but canceled because she's ill. she's expected to testify next month. it's 7:06. let's check in with sal, get an update on this thursday morning commute. >> reporter: all right. good morning. we're looking at the commute trying to get into san francisco. it is not lighter than usual. it looks like a very typical commute here getting into the city with no major problems. as a matter of fact, the traffic is going to be busy on the bridge as well. there are no major accidents reported by chp. let's go to san francisco where northbound 101 traffic does look okay driving past the 80 split. there are no problems here as well. southbound 101 traffic also looks good. if you are driving on the peninsula, there could be a trouble in the devil's slide area. we'll let you know more about
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that. the rest of the commute on 101 and 280 look good on the peninsula. here's mark. hi there, sal. good morning. look at this beautiful start to this thursday morning. a few high clouds in the upper left portion of your screen. but it looks cold out there, doesn't it? yeah, temperatures are off to a chilly start. some frost out there and upper 20s out towards fairfield, concord, livermore has warmed up to 32. oakland 43. there's downtown san francisco currently checking in at 44. forecast for today, fair skies out to a cold start this afternoon. the clouds will be on the increase and we do bring the chance of a few showers up in the north bay, especially the extreme northern portions of the north bay. winds will be increasing in advance of our first storm system. winds pick up tonight. as a result, a wind advisory begins at 10:00 as you can see for the north bay, san francisco, out towards the santa cruz mountains. we could have wind gusts around 50 miles an hour. with that, power outages could be a concern not only for this
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concern for this round of rain. this area of low pressure sets up flow to bring in more storms. that first one is set to move in tonight. storm number two saturday morning and then possibly a stronger one set to move in sunday afternoon. rainfall expectations, at least 7 inches in the north bay hills. 2 to 3 up around the heart bay and up to the santa cruz mountains, we could have 5 inches. we'll have to keep an eye on the rises of the small streams and creeks. we'll have to watch that into the weekend. here is our forecast model, showing us an increase of showers up in the north bay. by 8:00 tonight, mainly concentrated in the northern half of the region. finally spreads to the south by late tonight and early tomorrow
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morning. temperatures for the -- temperatures here for the commute. here is a look ahead. your five-day forecast, rain and wind, most of it will be for friday morning. morning rain for saturday, turning over to showers and heavier rain expected to develop as we head into sunday. all of this rain will translate into the mountains. we'll have details on a winter storm warming. we've been following developing news all morning from wall street. the iconic new york stock exchange it being sold to a rival company. our reporter joins us live now with more on the buyer and the huge selling price. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. hi, tori. here are the details -- nyse, the parent company, it said it will sell itself to intercomexchange. that's known as --
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intercontinent exchange. that's known as i.c.e. it's a larger market value than the new york stock exchange. this is not the first time they tried to sell itself. it recently pulled out of a deal with germany. you know what, this kind of well, it doesn't sit too well are allege laters -- regulators who have to approve it. the exchanges they are in favor of combining. the companies announced today that the value $8.2 in stock. and to give you some perspective on that, that's a premium of 33% over wednesday's closing price in new york. tori? >> what does this mean for the average investor and will the
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new york stock exchange still operate in new york? >> reporter: well, you know what, this most likely means not a lot for the average investor. you know what? you'll still buy and sell your stock through brokers and you won't notice a change here. this is much bigger news for insiders and word of the new york stock exchange seems to be staying there. >> thank you. 7:11. new details this morning about the mother of the gunman in the quit school shooting. the -- in the connecticut school shooting and the tremendous support for the victims and the community of newtown. edging closer to the fiscal cliff, the vote happening today and the expected result.
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good thursday morning. starting off very cold. 20s, 30s and 40s.
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coming up we'll take a look at the forecast temperature in your neighborhood and when major rain returns to the bay area forecast. time now, 7:14. we know more this morning about a report on tuesday about a man with a gun at san jose city college. the information was second- hand. the campus police say a man called them tuesday afternoon, said a stranger came up to them, said he had seen a man with a gun. the school was put on lockdown for three hours while the police searched for the gunman. police say they did not find a weapon but say the caller did the right thing by reporting that incident. 7:14. the community of newtown, connecticut will bury three more children today as investigators continue to search for clues. yesterday, investigators removed boxes of evidence from the gunman's home. police say the 20-year-old shot and killed his mother there while she slept, then went to
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sandy hook elementary school last friday, where he killed 20 children and six staff members. we've learned funeral arrangements for nancy lanza are being made in her home state of new hampshire. that's according to connecticut's chief medical examiner who would not say if the gunman's body has yet been claimed. also newtown residents have mixed reactions about nancy lanza, her name has been left out of the list of victims of the many vigils held there. gifts are pouring in. the town reportedly brought in four shipping containers to hold all donations. ed lee will introduce new legislation ailed -- aimed at reducing gun violence in the bayview district. mayor lee met with leaders about how to reduce the
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violence. there have been 57 homicides around san francisco this year compared to 50 at the same time last year. 7:16. there is a new poll showing most americans now support gun control. in the cnn poll conducted monday and tuesday, 52% of those surveyed say they are now in favor of major restrictions on guns or making all guns illegal. that's a five-point rise from another poll conducted in early august after a mass shooting at a movie theater in colorado. next month, a gun buyback event will be held in marin county. city leaders there are trying to raise the money for this event. this follows similar gun buy backs in oakland and san francisco where almost 600 guns were turned in this exchange for $200 each. the marin county event is january 15th. there is an extra sense of security at one elementary school in stanislaus county.
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mup at 7:23, how -- coming up at 7:23, how the tragic events inspired this marin to take action in his community. house speaker john boehner's plan-b will go to a vote in a few hours. kyla campbell has more. >> reporter: president obama says the republicans simply just don't want to say yes to him. he and house speaker john and -- he and house speaker john boehner appeared to get closer to a deal yesterday. but then we saw how far they were. they will vote on plan-b today to vote on those making more than $100 a year, raise taxes on. president obama says $400,000.
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>> take the deal. >> reporter: even if plan-b passes the house vote today, president obama says he will veto it and then there's just 12 days before automatic tax increases go into effect for everyone. live in washington, kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. 7:18. this morning, a bay area-based japanese diplomat is expected to enter a no contest plea in court. he has been charged with assaulting his wife. he worked at the consue lit in san francisco at -- consulate in san francisco as a vice council for two years. his wife said the abuse happened other for several months. he's accused of stabbing her hand with a screwdriver and knocking out her tooth. they are preparing in washington, d.c. for president obama's second inauguration, januaryst.
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the views are busy building. viewing stands. this one will be smaller than the one in 2009. this time there will be three days of events, fewer inaugural balls and no concert on the national ball. most of the price tag will be covered by president obama supporters and private donors. but taxpayers you will pay for security costs and for the viewing stands. bay area gas prices continue to fall. at least one analyst says they could be 20 cents a gallon lower next year. as usual, san francisco has the highest average price for a gallon of regular, $3.60. that's down 8 cents in the last week and $1.14 cheaper that the record high price set in october. in the south, east and north bays, the current price is $3.48 and that's down 7 cents in the last week. u.s. prosecutors have charged two former traders at
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uvs. they say they are the first individuals accused in the interest rate manipulation scandal. the international investigation found attempts to manipulate a key interest rate, the libor rate and those were widespread in the banking industry. 7:20. tori, i know how much you love cold weather. >> i -- you know -- >> a little bit. >> it's okay. >> not too cold. >> you go outside, it's very cold. all of the bay area. but the sunrise is beautiful. meteorologist mark tamayo is watching the storm headed our way now. he will tell us who will really get the brunt of that storm. and there will be two places to turn for help to locate santa clause on christmas eve. northbound 101, san jose, looks like we have a little bit of slow traffic trying to get
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in the valley.
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a u.s. marine reservist stands guard outside of an elementary school. sergeant greg pusley served two hours in iraq and one in afghanistan. now he's a stay-at-home dad. yesterday, put on his uniform and went to houston elementary school in stanislaus county and there he stood guard, greeting the students happy to see him there. >> it felt like we were safe and he was keeping the school safe. >> i hope he inspires other marines to stand guard and make sure their schools an communities are safe. >> he has no gun, he's not being paid and he doesn't take a break. he plans to be at the school today and after the holiday
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break. 7:23. it will be twice as easy to find out where in the world santa claus is this christmas eve. norad is teaming up with microsoft's bing mapping service to keep track of the jolly old man and rudolph. google is now launching its own santa tracker this year. let's check in with sal. do you know what today is? >> it's the last day of fall. >> tomorrow is the octimal -- what is it? we need steve here. >> let's ask mark. >> let's take a look at the commute. the traffic is moving along pretty much smoothly. we're trying to figure out why there was a little bit of a minor stalled vehicle really up near 880 but, it usually
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doesn't cause this much traffic. we don't see anything major up ahead. let's take a look at the commute, westbound bay bridge. that's backed up to the foot of the macarthur maze, 20, 25 minute delay. as you look at the peninsula, the traffic is okay. highway 1, one-way traffic control just before the devil's slide construction area. that's causing slow traffic. 7:25. let's go to mark. hi, there, sal. the winter solstice tomorrow morning at 3:11 first thing tomorrow morning. we'll be talking about some rain tomorrow. right now, it's kind of a nice start to the morning. definitely want to bundle up. a few high clouds have paid us a visit. santa rosa reporting mostly cloudy skies. oakland, 43. downtown san francisco checking in at 43 degrees. here is a wider perspective you will notice rain showers up
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along the north coast, humboldt county, cape mendocino. a winter storm warning, this kicks in out towards the interior and northern lake county until 4:00 torm afternoon. we'll be picking up the snowfall for that part of the region and some more snow expected, a good portion of northern california if you are taking interstate 5 up through shasta, be extra careful. there is a chance we could have some freeway closures. look at this winter storm warning out towards the sierra. snowfall 2 to 5 feet. that's a lot of snow and that could cause some problems on the roadway as we head into friday, saturday and sunday. here's our forecast model for today. we're starting out dry an increase in the high clouds. we do bring in a chance for rain showers up in the north bay. you will notice the south bay's still dry but then into early friday morning we're tracking rain clouds. we'll have wet pavement to start out our can friday
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morning commute. for today, increasing clouds, the chance of a shower up in the north bay, especially toward the latter portion of the afternoon. a pretty active forecast, some rain and wind, tapering off into the afternoon. a second storm producing heavier rain. saturday morning and possibly a third one into sunday as well. have to keep an eye on the rivers and the streams out there and also some fairly gusty winds. we'll have the details on that coming up in just a few minutes. >> all right. that's a lot of rain. >> yes, it is. ask anybody who likes to pay parking tickets. >> no. >> there's a new audit that shows that some people overpaid their parking tickets and never received a refund. >> reporter: police are looking for an armed robbery suspect from a very popular mall. we have the warning from mall security as well. >> reporter: we're live in san jose. we'll tell you why these people have been waiting out in the
7:29 am
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shoppers are warned to be careful after a woman was robbed. this happened in a pretty busy shopping time. brian flores is live to tell us where the woman was when she was targeted. >> reporter: good morning.
7:32 am
we're live at the sun valley mall. at this hour, concord police are looking for an armed robbery suspect that tried to take items from a woman here in front of the macy's parking lot at the mall. still very limited details. from what we understand, the robbery happened at around 7:30 last night. it's being reported that the woman was just arriving here at the mall when the robber pointed something. it's still not clear whether it was a gun or not, but he pointed it on the back of her head and demanded that she give him all of her money. she didn't have cash. she gave him her driver's license and credit cards. the robber pushed her to the ground and ran off into what is described as an older model light-colored small car. the woman ran into the macy's and called police. still very limited details as we mentioned on the suspect air -- suspect's car and his description. we have calls in to them. shoppers are warned to be very
7:33 am
vigilant and to be air ware of your surroundings. brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, brian. 7:31. a bomb squad in san mateo had to be called in to remove some old chemicals inside a home. that he had been in a house on parrot drive for years and were actually -- they had been in a on parroted drive for years and the bomb squad detonated them in front of the yard. no one was hurt. later today, vice president joe biden meets with lawmakers from all over the country. yesterday, president obama appointed the vice president to lead a task force on how to prevent other tragedies like the shooting in connecticut. stay with us for more coverage on the connecticut school shooting. coming up at 7:42, we'll go back live to newtown,
7:34 am
connecticut, we'll show you some of the special tributes honoring the victims. and you will hear more information about where the gunman's mother was day the before that shoot -- days before that shooting. a bitter legal fight is now over. lawyers for thomas kincaid's estranged widow and girlfriend say they've settled his multi- million dollar estate. we still don't know whether his widow or girlfriend will inherit kincaid's mansion and his warehouse of paintings. pinto claimed it was hers because of a barely ledgible willed note. the widow called pinto a cold digger. kincaid was legally separated from his wife. a new audit of oakland's parking ticket payment system shows the city held on to 316,000 that it should have refunded, according to the "chronicle." state law requires cities to
7:35 am
give back ticket overpayments. oakland officials claim they didn't know about the law. now they will automatically refund any overpayments of $200 or more. drivers will need to apply, though, for smaller refunds. most other cities automatically refund all over payments. 7:34. in just a couple of hours, christmas days for almost 5700 registered needy children will be passed out in san jose. ktvu's janine la vega live at sacred heart community services and has been there since 4:30. and you are surrounded by many parents in line janine. >> reporter: some of them tell me they've been waiting. there are all bund. led up with -- they are all bundled up. these people all have appointments at 10:00 a.m. but the reason they are waiting here because they want to have the first pick of toys for their children.
7:36 am
sacred heart community services has been collecting new toys and books for the past month or so because the need this year is great. the nonprofit registered 5,690 kids to receive gifts this year and that's up 10% from last year. once the doors open, parents who have appointments will be able to pick three days and books for each of their kids as well as stocking stuffers. parents waiting in line this morning say they are grateful. >> a wonderful organization. it's given us the privilege of giving smiles to kids. my kids deserve to be smiling during christmas. just to see their dimples makes me feel warm inside during this harsh time. >> bicycles are among the most popular items. there are only a limited amount. so that's will be raffled off. they are still short around 4 hun gifts of the that's mostly
7:37 am
for teenagers. the charity is asking if anyone -- 400 gifts. that's mostly for teenagers. the charity is asking if you could donate gift cards because a lot of people have been donating toys for the younger children and they don't want the older children to be left out. reporting live from san jose, janine la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. well, the salvation army is still looking for toy donations this holiday season, especially in alameda county. they have already collected donations for 3,000 needy children but there are about 1,000 more kids who still need a toy and they don't have toys for them yet. if you want to help out, you can drop off donations at any of the alameda county facilities of the salvation army in oakland, hayward or newark. they will accept a crash contribution as well. but they are trying to help the kids in alameda county. >> certainly a worthy cause. >> yeah. let's check in with sal.
7:38 am
are we noticing traffic any lighter today? >> not really. we're getting pretty busy traffic on this nurse -- on this -- on this thursday. let's take a look at the maps. pleasant hill, the freeway traffic is okay. we're getting reports that treat boulevard is a mess in pleasant hill. the chp is not reporting anything on the freeway. 24 is better. highway 4 is a little bit better than normal but not much. 80 is just a little bit better than it normally would be through richmond. you will go to a crowded bay bridge toll plaza and then we're looking at -- we're looking at the toll plaza there. the traffic is backed up for about a 20-minute delay. also, the morning commute on highway 1, there's one way traffic control near the construction site for the new tunnel that's causing a really big traffic jam out of the hoof man bay and pacific area. avoid that. and traffic looks good getting up to highway 17. let's go to mark.
7:39 am
>> good morning. you can see some higher clouds. this is the golden gate and some higher clouds already increasing from the west and from the north and west and by this time tomorrow, in fact, by tonight we'll be tracking rain showers across parts of the bay area. key headline this morning, it's cold. out towards fairfield and concord, 20. san jose, 39. that's been constant over the past couple of hours. downtown san francisco, 43 with some high clouds moving into the north bay, santa rosa in the upper 30s, not as cold as yesterday. here is live stormtracker2, you can see some of the high clouds already paid us a visit. the main rain is up to the north. that will be a factor today and 40. this morning, it's dry with temperatures in the in the in the 20s and then into the afternoon we continue to thicken up the high clouds. we also introduce the chance of a shower in the north bay and then the winds will be picking up out of the south.
7:40 am
a wind advisory begins at 10:00 today lasting until 4:00 friday morning. in fact, we could have some more wind advisories for this weekend. polices will be concerned. a good idea -- power outages will be concerning. this area of low pressure and a series of storms will rotate around it. a series of storms, first one set to move in tonight and friday. second one saturday morning and then a stronger one. that's set to move into the region by sunday afternoon. rainfall accumulations do -- be approaching into the weekend, around the bay, 2 to 3 inches. the santa cruz mountains around 4 to 5 inches. that's a rough look at some of the numbers we x effect -- we can expect. here is our forecast model. we're dry this morning. we thicken up the high clouds and bring up the chance of rain up in the north bay. that rain line spread to the south by the evening hours. it will take its time to get to the south bay. even by late tonight, some cloud cover in the south bay but then finally early friday morning some rain showers
7:41 am
moving into the region. a good idea to plan on a wet morning commute for your friday. temperatures this afternoon after a cold start mainly in the 50s, mountain view, 56. san jose, 57. a look ahead at your five-day forecast with your weekend always in view. most of the rain for your friday morning. another one by saturday morning, heavier rain by sunday afternoon. an update on the sierra coming up. >> thank you, mark. 20 minutes before 8:00. the national weather service is investigating whether a tornado touched down this morning in mobile, alabama. >> heavy winds knocked down trees and power lines cutting power to at least 7400 homes and businesses. the storm also blew the roof off business and knocked out windows. at least two people were hurt. police in mobile, alabama say they rescued a person trapped in her house by a fallen tree. digging into benghazi. what state department officials said about mistakes made at a hearing this morning, looking into the deadliest it on the
7:42 am
u.s. consulate in libya. ñ
7:43 am
7:44 am
the major indexes on the stark market all down slightly. uncertainty about the approaching fiscal cliff just days away was top on the mind of many traders. also at the forefront of many traders' minds was the news that euronex, the parent of the new york stock exchange, planned to sell itself to international continental exchange. that's an upstart and lesser- known exchange based in atlanta.
7:45 am
right now euronex stock is up. the number of americans filing for unemployment benefits rose. 365,000 filed for first-time benefits. that's 17,000 more than the week before. commits say that is still in the range that signals companies are not laying off enough people to increase the unemployment rate. but it's also a sign business is not creating enough jobs to you cut the jobless rate either. 7:44. more funerals and memorial service today for the victims of the newtown, connecticut school shootings. rene marsh is in newtown, connecticut with the latest emotional details and also new information about the mother of the gunman. renee? >> reporter: well, dave, about an hour ago, we heard the sirens, then we saw the motorcade. it's one of the six funerals that will happen today. six victims were sandy hook elementary school will be laid to rest. that's the most funerals in one
7:46 am
day so far. another day brings more heartbreaking funerals in a town trying to figure out just how to heal. >> the sandy hook teachers are really struggling, trying to get to as many as possible. >> reporter: thursday, more children, including 6-year- old's allison wyatt and katherine hubbard, will be laid to rest, along with dawn hochsstrung. they bid well to victoria soto yesterday. while simon is a family friend of soto's performed the sound of silence at her funeral. ♪ >> reporter: the tragedy has sparked national debate over gun control with president obama pledging to take action. a newly formed group, newtown united is advocating what it
7:47 am
calls sensible gun legislation. >> we have 20 children trying to point us the way. if we don't follow their lead, we've failed them and their deaths are in vein. >> reporter: friends say in recent years, nancy lanza felt uncomfortable leaving her son adam at home without being is up veer sized -- being supervised. back to you. >> thank you. at a hearing on capitol hill, state d officials admitted to weaknesses in security related to the deadly september 11th attack on the u.s. consulate in libya.
7:48 am
jamie dupree joins us via skype from washington, d.c. with what we're learning from in morning's hearing and from a scathing report on the attack. good morning, jamie. >> reporter: good morning, tori. that hearing is still going on in the senate foreign relations today being chaired by john kerry, the massachusetts senator that many people expect to be the next secretary of state. kerry is starting out the hearing, saying obviously mistakes were made by the state department. that was reinforced by the report that you mentioned which came out on tuesday night that blamed the internal management systemic failures within the state department for repeated rejections for pleas for more security aid. at this point in time, secretary of state, hillary clinton, is not testifying today. she's been ill and has agreed to testify in january. there are a lot of republicans who want to hear from her. the buck always sta stops with the -- always stops with the
7:49 am
person in charge but it doesn't look like that hillary clinton was involved in any -- in any of the rejections for those pleas for more security. >> is there any speculation that she may be faking this concussion to avoid testifying? >> reporter: there's some people that think that. you haven't exactly heard it from lawmakers but a number of republicans have said you know what? hillary clinton has side stepped this and not really talked about. that's why yesterday i happened to be walking down the hallway and i ran into the house of the foreign affairs committee and she grabbed me and said, don't worry. i just got off with the phone and secretary clinton will testify in january before she leaves her post as secretary of state. one way or another, lawmakers say they will get questions to her and have her in a
7:50 am
congressional setting to ask her about what happened in libya. >> and you mentioned john kerry chair, the hearing today. he's making a specific request that really seems to be in line that he's expecting to get this post as secretary of state. >> yeah, when you talk about the fact that there wasn't enough security, one of the things that the state department had been worried about, they didn't have the money. so there's been talk about bolstering the -- bolstering this and i would like at once the budget gets a new year, you will likely see more money funneled into that to make sure more moneys go out for extra security. >> keeping those great men and women safe. jamie did you pre, thank you.
7:51 am
you can -- jamie dupree. thank you. you can find a link to jamie's blog. 7:49. at oakland international airport food service workers are preparing to go on strike. now, if they don't have a new contract by midnight, they say they will walk off the job. union representatives say they haven't had a contract since june. the issues include medical insurance costs, a plan to eliminate paid meal breaks and a proposed wage freeze. >> the port of oakland's maritime director will still be getting a paycheck in the new year even after he resigned because of a financial scandal. james kwon will work as a consultant for seven years next year. he will stay on to help with a transition. some economic reports say they were surprised. >> they need to the truth and
7:52 am
tell it fast. somebody else is going to. >> reporter: now, ktvu has learned that kwon will be paid $109 an hour based on his $214,000 salary as the maritime director. it is nine minutes before 8:00. a 15-hour closure on one of the busiest freeways in the east coast. this freeway is normally packed to begin with. the deadly chain reaction crash and the cleanup crews had to do overnight. one family that's homeless feels very grateful this holiday season. they have a place to stay in a crowded homeless shelter in san francisco. why that shelter is overflowing.
7:53 am
7:54 am
and amaze. safeway will help you gather everyone round. a smoked, shank half ham is only 99 cents a pound. get breyer's ice cream for $2.88 and dessert will surely shine. make it a grand finale with starbucks just $6.99. turns out this season less is really so much more. so make your holiday merrier than ever before. safeway. ingredients for life. welcome back. after that 64-car pile july on interstate 5 on tuesday, the police say slow down. they are talking about what happened on i-5 near the oregon border on tuesday.
7:55 am
seven people had to be hospitalized after this. the road reopened about 5:00 yesterday morning. 12 hours after that major crash near yreka. in new york, the long island expressway finally is open again after a huge pileup on the road there. it was closed for 15 hours so the crews could just clear the wreckage. this all started yesterday afternoon. a tractor-trailer slammed into some cars. that triggered a 35-vehicle pileup. one woman was killed. 33 others were hurt. the newest insurance industry cash test showed new cars -- showed new moderately priced cars outperformed some other cars. 15 of the 18 earned good or acceptable ratings. three of the mid-sized luxury
7:56 am
cars received those marks and the popular toyota camera and prius models got poor ratings. we got more details at under the hot topics section. cold temperatures are prompting a growing waiting list at one homeless sheltner san francisco. some of the lucky ones are feeling grateful they have a place to stay for the holidays. the hamilton family center has 70 rooms but all are full. nearly 250 families are on the waiting list. the center says unemployment and high rents in the city force families onto the streets. >> it takes them longer to find affordable apartments and they have to move out of the city often because the rents are so high. the hamilton center says it's heartbreaking to turn away the hundreds of families in need. the center is raising donations, hoping to help as many families as they can this holiday season. >> you can get -- you can get
7:57 am
weather information or find a focast for your neighborhood or attract the upcoming rain with stormtracker2. well, we can just go over and ask sal, how is the commute? >> it's actually doing pretty well in many areas. it's slow in others. it's kind of a moderate commute. let's go to the toll plaza. it's not as light as we thought. it's just a little bit lighter than usual. i can tell by looking at it every day. but you will still be waiting for 15 minutes. it's getting better now. by the 8:00 hour i think we'll see some improvement if you are driving 101 san francisco, it looks good. southbound 101 near the u.p.s. building is a stalled vehicle or something on the side, causing a temporary distraction for some drivers. highway 1 and -- highway 1 and 280 look good. highway 1 at devil's slide has made the commute a little bit longer between highway 92 and sharp park. usually it's about 20. this time it's about 30.
7:58 am
nowless go to mark. good morning to you, sal. we're off to a very chilly start this morning. you will definitely need the thick coat. you can see some high clouds out there out in the distance. those high clouds continue be to be -- will continue to be on in -- will continue to be on the increase. the coolest spots in the upper 20s to 30. napa, 30. fairfield at 27 right now. a look here at the satellite and the radar, a few high clouds paying a visit. a winter storm warning kicks in out toward mendocino county and northern lake county until 4:00 in the afternoon. and significant snow expected for the mountains. definitely keep an eye on the forecast because we could have major travel issues. snowfall potential -- potentially out towards the sierra could be on the order of 2 to 5 feet. an increase in the high clouds
7:59 am
throughout the day. the chance of some rain the north bay neighborhoods. the rain line slowly spread to the south and then some rain showers by early friday morning you can get plan on wet roads to start out your commute. rain and wind for friday, sunday, heavier rain. i will let you know how much you can get from your neighborhood. someone fired shots at a u.s. marine on a bay area highway. the search for the gunman and what investigators are saying.
8:00 am
8:01 am
>> good morning. i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark.
8:02 am
>> it's thursday, december 20th. a woman told me in spanish that she thinks a fire started by her tv. as soon as she saw it, grabbed her son, ran out and called 911. you can see the building is still evacuated right now. an arson investigator is inside the building trying to determine the exact cause. here is a look from newschopper2. when firefighters arrived around 5:30, they didn't see a lot of -- a lot of flames at this apartment building at 119 broad street. when they made their way into the second story, they encountered a lot of black smoke. one firefighter had to be transported for smoke
8:03 am
inhalation. it was very cold outside so a bus was brought out. an unusual but welcomed job for the driver. >> i thought i was picking up commuters taking them to west portal. this is nice to house people that are out of their homes. you know, this is nice. keeping them warm. >> reporter: the firefighter is expected to be okay. american red cross is helping residents with food and shelter this morning. back out here live, you can see broad street is closed between capital and plymouth. muni service is also shut down in the neighborhood. reporting live in san francisco, lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. san francisco firefighters rushed to another fire overnight. this one in noe valley. this one happened about 2:00 a.m. the house was under construction on sanchez hans 27th. firefighters don't think anyone was in the home when the fire broke out. and they don't believe this was
8:04 am
a suspicious fire. it is 8:02. in oakland, a grandmother is dead after getting caught in the crossfire of a shootout. ktvu's tara moriarty is in oakland and says that shooting was followed by more violence overnight. good morning, tara. >> reporter: we checked with police who say there are no updates in this case. most likely they are reviewing surveillance video nearby where the shooting happened. they say the victim in this kate, an innocent bystander. the violence broke out last night around 7:00. it was on the 9100 block of international boulevard. when give gunfire erupted between two people across the street, a stray bullet hit the victim. she was a 49-year-old grandmother who happened to be walking with a relative at the time. now, police did not identify her but a long-time friend said she was ramona foreman who cared for her elderly mother. al roberts who has two children and three grandchildren with the victim was dumbfounded and said she was a good person who never did anything to anyone. police have made no arrests and
8:05 am
they are trying to figure out what instigated the gunfight that left at least ten shell casings on the sidewalk. less than five blocks away, two and a half hours later after the shooting, more gunfire ehaven'ted. one person was injured -- erupted. one person was injured. he drove himself to the hospital. we understand his condition has stabilized. police told ktvu they don't believe the two shootings are related. this homicide brings the tally to 124 people killed in oakland just this year. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. dollar county sheriffs are asking for the -- santa clara county sheriffs are asking for help to find out who shot a marine retutor at 12:30 in the -- recruiter at 12:yesterday afternoon between deanza and stevens creek boulevard. the recruiter was driving an unmarked government car hit several times by the gunfire. but the recruiter fortunately
8:06 am
was not hurt. >> some of the things they are gonna look at, they will do trajectory, trying to get an angle of the bullet holes and try to match it up with any evidence or evidence they find. >> investigators don't believe the marine was targeted because he was wearing a jacket over his uniform and the car was unmarked. there are no suspects. >> there is a new study showing the department of veterans affairs is so far behind processing claims, many veterans don't get their benefits until after they are dead. thousands of veterans are being approved for disability benefits an pensions. now, in the fiscal year that ended in september, the veterans agency paid retroactive benefits to the survivors of almost 19,000. the 500 veterans who died while they were waiting. well, one resident of
8:07 am
fairfax wants to ban leaf blowers in his community. 71-year-old douglas green says leaf blowers are noisy, they are dirty and they make the air hard to believe. he's collected more than 1300 signatures on a petition to ban them in fairfax. landscaping companies say a ban would force them to raise the rates for customers. the city council is expected to make a decision or at least take up the issue in january or february. it's 8:06. controversy is brewing in richmond over chevron's plan to repair a crude oil unit damaged by a fire back in august. community leaders met last night, chevron wants to use a product called nine chrome allowed to fix the piping. two consultants said nine chrome allowed meets industry -- alloyed meets the standards.
8:08 am
also today, the state public utah tilties commission will -- utilities commission will decide how much customers will pay for the project after that explosion. a judge agreed and recommended rate payers pay no more than 55% of the cost -- of the costs. now the state p.u.c. must approve the idea. let's go back to school. you -- back to sal. you are zeroing in on contra costa county. westbound highway 4 coming through. i want to show you the traffic is actually doing very well. it's cleared out nicely. i have a feeling this trend will continue unless we have a crash. we're also looking at the bay bridge and the traffic has been heavy but now it is clearing out and this is happening as we
8:09 am
get closer to the weekend and the christmas weekend here coming up. christmas is actually on tuesday. i think next week should be a lightly traveled bay bridge commute. also as we look at the livermore valley, westbound 580 we've had a little bit of slowing this morning. but nothing too deep and when you get to castro valley, 238 is slow. approaching 880. let's go to mark. >> good morning. we're taking a look here at beautiful -- you can see some clouds out there. the sun is already up, maying us a -- paying us a visit this last day of fall. winter solstice is friday at 3:11 to be precise. we're starting out on the cold side, frost out there and cold numbers beginning to warm up a little bit. clouds will continue to thicken up as we head into the
8:10 am
afternoon hours. we also introduce the chance of a -- the chance of a few showers in the north bay. we have this, a wind advisory not in place yet. but as winds increase out of the south, we could have winds gusting to right around 50 miles an hour. possible power outages. possibly into the weekend we could have some more wind advisories out there. here is the weather pattern developing offshore. this area of low pressure setting up a circulation, rotatingaround it. with that, it will point some storms right toward the bay area. a series of storms significant rainfall expected over the next few days. storm 1 for tonight into friday morning, saturday, another one and then by sunday afternoon, storm three could be approaching the region. these numbers, here are the forecast models. north bay hills could amount to approaching 7 inches. around the bay 2 to 3 inches. here is our potential for
8:11 am
mud slides and we need to look out for power outages. temperatures. a look ahead at your forecast, a second storm moves in for saturday and then a stronger one. >> thank you. family, friends and fellow students will gather for a campus vigil tomorrow at concord high school for a young football star killed in san francisco last weekend. the candlelight vigil will be held at 7:00 p.m. for 17-year-old montrell blakely. people will also watch a short
8:12 am
video remembering his life. blakely was shot to death while walking in san francisco's bayview district last knight. so far, police -- last saturday night. so far, police have made no arrests. two officers run through the doors of san francisco general hospital with a newborn baby found abandoned in the streets just moments before. this happened on december 12th. the baby boy was not breathing. officers drove the newborn to the hospital themselves, one officer performed cpr while the other drove. the baby survived. his mother has pleaded not guilty to child cruelty charges. controversial comedian katt williams now telling us why he slapped an employee of target in sacramento. tmz reports during his performance last night, katt williams told thed aiance that
8:13 am
employee -- tmz that employee used a racial slur. he also allegedly hit a man with a bottle in berkeley. he's also accused of leading police on a chase in sacramento and he had a fight with a man in sacramento -- in seattle. the reason why sam donaldson was arrested in delaware. also why a plane was filled with 20,000 potatoes.
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
some very cold numbers out there. patchy frost. coming up the one part of the bay area will -- that will be picking up rain showers today. al qaeda is reportedly growing and becoming more powerful in syria. zero dark 30 is getting a lot of criticism from senators. dianne feinstein carl levin and john mccain. the issue themes that show cia
8:17 am
officers torturing people. the senators say the film suggests torture led to key information about where bin laden was hiding. something the senators say is not true. the senators have sent a letter to sony pictures saying it should clarify that the role of torture is based on fiction, not facts. zero dark 30 debuted in new york and la. it will have a nationwide release next month. 8:16. right now in washington, house of representatives is special. it's a lot different from what the democrats want -- is in session. it's a lot different from the what the democrats want. >> reporter: we're taking a look at the capitol, eric canter is scheduled to talk about boehner's plan in a minute. plan b would raise tax rates only on those making more than
8:18 am
$1 million a year. and to would put a hold on automatic tax spending. it's a temporary fix and a long- term deal would have to come later. president obama wants to raise taxes on households bringing in more than $400,000 a year. >> they keep on finding ways to say no as opposed to finding ways to say yes. >> he can be responsible for the largest tax increase in american history. >> reporter: we'll hear from john boehner again and nancy pelosi shortly but the vote on plan b is not scheduled to happen until tonight. live in washington, kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. u.s. taxpayers will -- are about to lose billions of dollars when the government settles its remaining stock in general motors. the treasury department bought the stock to keep gm from going under. gm has earned 16 billion in profits since it got that bail
8:19 am
out money but its stock would be have to be worth double the value from taxpayers to break even on the deal. supporters say it was worth it because it saved american jobs. >> it's coming up on 8:18. abc news veteran sam donaldson is facing drunk driving charges in delaware. the 78-year-old was arrested back on december 1st but the story is just now coming to light. police say they pulled him over for a traffic violation. he was taken into custody after reportedly failing a sobriety test. he's set to be arraigned tomorrow. for the first time in 15 years, an american woman holds the title of ms. universe. >> ms. universe, 2012 is -- usa! [ cheers ] >> that's olivia culpo of rhode island receiving the crown in las vegas. the 20-year-old boston university student beat out 88
8:20 am
others. culpo had to impress a panel of ten judges which included pablo sandoval. 8:18. happening now, the first major snowstorm of the season slowly moving east across the midwest. about a foot of snow has fallen in the central plains. now 16 states have under -- are understandably and winter storm warnings -- are under blizzard and winter storm warnings. it's caused very dangerous driving conditions in some areas. at least three deaths are blamed on the storm, including a woman in utah who tried to walk for help after her car became trapped in the snow. up to 4 inches of snow may fall in chicago. that's affecting air travel. several dozen flights out of chicago have been canceled. many more delayed. that may have a domino effect on flights all over the nation. chicago's the hub for united airlines. it's also a major base for
8:21 am
southwest airlines. at sfo, flights to chicago's o'hare are seeing delays up to two hours already. well, boeing filled up a plane with 20,000 pounds of potatoes. they wanted to test something that's meant for you and i, humanes. you have to take a look at this video. the boeing put sacks of potatoes in airline seats. this was to test onboard wireless signals to make sure they don't interfere with the navigation and communication systems. boeing says potatoes replicate the way you and i absorb electronic signals. the potatoes are just move more patient than you and i during all of the hours and hours of testing. >> and they don't complain. >> no. a new theory on why hundreds of squid washed up on beaches in santa clara county. what lab tests reveal about the
8:22 am
mystery. we're looking live outthe -- out the window. look at the sky. several storms are headed our way. mark tamayo is tracking them. he will tell you when and where to expect a lot, a lot of rain. 680 walnut creek, a little bit of slowing as you head down to alamo. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay weather. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
8:23 am
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rethink possible.
8:25 am
8:23. laboratory test results are explaining more about why hundreds of squid washed ashore. scientists say there was a spike in the amount of acid in the water. it coincided with the deaths of those squid earlier this month. that acid affects their central nervous system and can make them disoriented. the federal government will stop relocating sea otters south, santa barbara county. that means the otter can now freely swim and migrate along the entire california coast. federal laws to protect threatened species now also apply to those otters. almost 3,000 of them live akrog throng -- live along the southern california coast. let's talk traffic. sal? >> we're doing okay, dave. we're seeing some improvement.
8:26 am
let's check in with mark. a very cold start this morning. a few neighborhoods starting off this thursday in the upper 20s. a lot of 30s and 40s on the maps. as you can see, san francisco 44. oakland, 43. san jose has warmed up a little bit to right around 40 degrees. some very cold numbers out towards fairfield right now checking in. 27. that's been the one constant all morning long. we have a band of high clouds. that rain line will be moving in. it will take its time. look what happens by 4:00.
8:27 am
highest rain chance will be up in the north bay, up towards sonoma county. this will be a slow mover. here we go. that garage you willly spread to the south at 9 -- gradually spread to the south at 9:00. i would plan on a wet morning commute. today, though, after the cold start, temperatures recovered nicely in the mid- to upper 50s, increasing clouds, the chance of -- the chance of a shower in the north bay. it looks like a pretty active weather pattern. rain and wind for your friday, more rain for saturday morning and possibly a stronger storm that could pay us a visit by sunday. >> okay, mark. >> what's happening now after two abandonedded horses were found in -- abandoned horses were found in monterey county? >> reporter: we're in concord this morning where police are looking for an armed robbery
8:28 am
suspect. we'll tell you about the morning that's being told to shoppers today. >> reporter: we're live in san jose, where santa's elfs will start handing out toys to needy families in the next hour and a half. this may look like a lot but we'll tell you what the charity still needs.
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back. 8:29. some new warnings for some east bay holiday shoppers. ktvu's brian flores is at the sun valley mall in concord and brian, a woman was robbed last night. what happened? >> reporter: hi, dave. we're live here at the sun valley mall. at this hour, concord police are looking for an armed robbery suspect that tried to rob a woman here in front of
8:31 am
the macy's parking lot last night here at the mall. from what we understand, the robbery happened again last night around 7:30. it's being -- it's being reported that the woman was arriving here at the mall when the robber pointed something in the back of her head and then demanded that she give them all of her money. the robber pushed her to the ground and then he ran off into what is described as an older model light-colored small car. the victim ran into the macy's and then called police. we talked with some shoppers who heard about the incident. they say they need to be more cautious when they hit the stores. >> it does make me nervous at night and now that there is a lot of thieves going on. a lot of stuff. you know, it's crazy. now, during the holidays. i try to avoid all of that. >> reporter: and again, still no solid details on the suspect or the suspect's car but we have calls into the concord police.
8:32 am
if we have any more information, we'll pass it along. >> we did talk to mall security. they say they are aware of the situation. they are just currently warning shoppers if they are headed here to be vigilant and aware of your surroundings. brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> we have new details about last week's smash-and-grab robbery. the one that happened in walnut creek. 125,000 worth of jewelry including gold, pearls and swiss watches were stolen december 11th. police are telling us they gathered very little useful information from the cameras that were both inside and outside of that store. 8:31. christmas toys for almost 5100 registered needy children will be passed out in san jose. ktvu's janine la vega joins us from sacred heard community service with the many parent the already standing in line. good morning, janine. >> reporter: good morning. we're here in the toy woman.
8:33 am
it really feels like a toy store. i mean parents in the next half- hour can number in and pick out a soccer ball or any toys in here. everything is broken up into categories and age groups just to make it easy for all of the parents. now, there were people waiting outside this building at sacred heart community service at first and alma overnight in the cold, all bundled up. even though the parents have set appointments, they wanted first crack at picking out the toys. 20 parents get shuttled in every 15 minutes. sacred heart says more families signed up this year compared to last year. the nonprofit will be handing out the donated gifts for the 5,690 children preregistered back in november. >> we've heard a lot of the economy improving. we don't see that with the families. there's still people working hard and playing by the rules.
8:34 am
and any extra expense like a toy for christmas or gift for christmas is a huge luxury for our family. we're trying to brick some joy to the holidays for them -- bring some joy for the holidays for them. >> reporter: sacred heart is still short about 400 gifts, the area where they need the most help is gifts for teenagers. a lot of the gifts that they are asking dash that they would like people to donate is jewelry, makeup, sports equipment. what would re-- what would really be helpful is if people could donate gift cards. the toy giveaway is going on all day until 7:00 and also until tomorrow up until 5:00. this is for all families, needy families who are already -- who already preregistered their children. janine la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. the salvation army is still asking you to donate christmas toys, especially in alameda county. the salvation army has already
8:35 am
collected donations from more than 3,000 needy children. but there's about 1,000 children still waiting to get a toy. if you want to help out, you can drop off a toy donation at any of the alameda county salvation army facilities in oakland, hayward or newark and they will accept a cash contribution as well. we want to check in again with sal and keeping a close eye on the east bay traffic. >> we're looking at some of the busiest points in the east bay which will be the macarthur maze and the -- and the bay bridge. and improving by the minute as beget closer to the end of the commute here. the bay bridge toll plaza is only backed up for a short wait. there are no probls getting into san francisco. we're seeing some improvement -- some improvement in the morning commute. by tomorrow, i think we'll see lighter traffic as we get closer to christmas. southbound 880, 238 as you head down to union city in fremont, you will see a little bit of slow traffic. that's improved a little bit in
8:36 am
the last half-hour. let's go to mark. look at this. this is beautiful out there. high clouds paying us a shift -- paying as you visit. this is the last day of fall. during the 3:00 hour, the winter solstice kicks in. temperatures still in the upper 20s out toward fairfield, right around freezing in concord, livermore, napa, 31. santa rosa, 39. downtown san francisco currently checking in right around 44 degrees. we do have some rainfall up to the north. , now this morning is dry -- north. now, this morning is dry. a winter storm warning in place out towards mendocino county for the interior, lus out towards northern -- out toward northern lake county. >> we have a significant change in the weather pattern developing. not only in the mountains but here in the bay area. this morning, fair skies and
8:37 am
cold, patchy frost. a cloud cover on the increase. and a chance of a few showers up in the north bay. in fact, here is the forecast models showing you all of the rain. a winter storm warning begins tomorrow morning. friday morning at 4:00 and snowfall on the order of 2 to 5 feet. if you are traveling in anywhere in northern california, especially for the mountains ut 0 ut -- for the mountains out through the state. be prepared for delays and possibly road closures. we are expecting a series of storms and they will be potent for the next few days. for today we're tracking the first one moving in for tonight and into tomorrow morning. second one. this is saturday and then another one. that's set to move in to the region on saturday and even beyond that. we're still tracking more storms lining up offshore. here is our forecast model. up in the north bay, gradually spreading through the sought. it will take its time to get into the south bay.
8:38 am
probably not until tomorrow morning. temperatures this afternoon, after the very cold start, recover remembering -- recovering nicely up to the 50s. we'll have to keep a look out for the power outages with the increasing winds for friday, saturday, once again into sunday afternoon. bark to you. hours from now, joe biden will meet with lawmakers to get their input into reducing gun violence. rene marsh is in newtown where the community continues to say goodbye to those who were killed on friday. >> reporter: and tori, you know it's really become an uncomfortably familiar site. funeral precessions rolling through the town square every day. today there will be a total of six funerals. the most in one day so far.
8:39 am
another day brings more heartbreaking funerals in the town trying to heal. >> the teachers are really struggling trying to get to as many as possible. >> reporter: thursday, more children, including allison wyatt and katherine hubbard will be laid to rest along with the principal. wednesday, newtown bid fare well to 27-year-old teacher victoria sot ♪ >> reporter: paul simon who was a family friend performed "the sound of silence" at her funeral ♪ >> reporter: wednesday night about 3,000 people gathered at western connecticut state university for a tribute to newtown victims. the tragedy has sparked national debate over gun control with president obama pledging to take action. a newly formed group newtown united is advocating what it calls sensible gun legislation.
8:40 am
>> we have 20 children trying to point us the way. if we don't follow their lead, we have failed them and their deaths are in vein. >> reporter: we've learned that the day before her death, nancy lanza, the mother of the gunman, had just returned from a short trip allen to a luxury resort -- alone to a luxury resort in new hampshire. in the recent years, she felt uncomfortable leaving her son adam at home unis up veeriesed -- unsupervised. as i'm speaking to you now, i hear sirens and that means there's another funeral about to take place. one other footnote for you at the post office here in town, they say they've been flooded with packages coming from all over the world. tori? >> can you talk a little bit about the town's rather mixed reaction to the death of the gunman's mother? has she been forgotten in this?
8:41 am
>> reporter: i will tell you this -- as i walk around and i look at all of these memorials throughout newtown, connecticut, oftentimes when you -- what you see is 26 angels lost. you keep hearing that number, 26 which only accounts for the victims inside of sandy hook elementary school. the total victims really 27 if you were to count the shooter's mother. however, when you walk from memorial to memorial, there's no mention of the shooter's mother only these young victims lost at the school. it's been reported in other publications that the reason for that is some people actually blame the shooter's mother for what happened there. so not really hearing much about her, hearing more so about the students and the educators. >> all right. rene marsh joining us live from newtown, connecticut. 8:40. tonight in san francisco, a candlelight vigil will be held for the victims of the
8:42 am
connecticut shootings. at 5:00 p.m. the night for newtown begins at the ice rink at justin herman plaza. if you go, bring along an unwrapped teddy bear or toy, all of the items collected will be donated to bay area children in need. ♪ >> and then last night, members of solano county sikh community played -- prayed and lit candles as they mourned the lives lost. 19 minutes before 9:00. two abandoned horses were found in monterey county. now an animal protection group is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. the sbca found the 20-year-old and 7-year-old forces north of
8:43 am
salinas. both animals were thin and covered in ticks. the society says the horses were likely abandoned. henry coe state park will stay open for at least the next two years. the "sacramento bee reports, the state will match $279,000 in donations made to help keep the park open. the donations will come from surplus funds that park officials kept hidden for years even though budget cuts led to park closures. henry coe is the largest state park in northern california. 8:42. a blockbuster business story about the stock exchange. how the new york stock exchange has just been -- has just been sold. how the economy will be affected. >> reporter: 36 people forced from their homes just days before christmas here in san francisco. we'll have the latest on a fire investigation that sets a -- that sent a firefighter to the hospital early this morning.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
stocks down slightly this morning uncertainly about the approaching fiscal cliff just days aa -- away, not helping. the government said the u.s. economy grew 3.1% over the summer, higher than the estimate of 2.7.
8:47 am
the number of americans applying for unemployment benefits rose slidely -- slightly last week. the dow is down 7. the nasdaq is down 3. s&p is flat. the big news, the owner of the 220-year-old new york stock exchange agreed to sell euronex for 8.2 billion to a competitor. the buyer, international continental exchange, is based in atlanta so the company -- the new company will have dual headquarters in new york and atlanta. and existing home sales jumped to the highest level in three years. the national association of realers said sales increased 5.9% to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of about 5 million in november. that's up from 4.67 million in november. and home mortgage rates are
8:48 am
up slightly in the last week. the average 30-year fixed rate now stands at 3.5%. that's up 3/100ths of a percent. but it was enough to scare off many potential buyers. the mortgage bank association says the number of people applying to refinance their mortgage dropped 14%. 8:47. let's bring you up to date on some of the other top stories we're following for you right now. oakland police are investigating last night's shooting death of a grandmother hit by a stray bullet as she walked down a street. she was killed while walking to a store on international and 92nd avenue. in washington, house speaker john boehner will put his fiscal cliff plan b up for a vote today in the house. it would raise taxes on people who make more than a million dollars a year. but president obama says he will veto it if it comes to his desk. and in san francisco, an apartment fire in the oceanview neighborhood injured a
8:49 am
firefighter just hours ago. it also interrupted muni service. ktvu's lorraine blanco is there at the scene on broad street. now we know about three dozen people have been affected by this. what happened, lorraine? >> reporter: that's right, dave. there was a fire here early this morning. half of those residents that were evacuated today are children, 18 kids right before christmas. you can see some of them behind me over here. they have big black bags. they were allowed to go and grab a forthinks to take with them wherever they are gonna go. firefighters say there's quite a lot of damage inside especially on the second floor. the woman who lives in the apartment where the fire started told me she saw the flames by her tv of when firefighters arrived at 5:30 at this apartment building, they encountered a lot of black spoke. one firefighter had to be -- black smoke. one firefighter had be
8:50 am
transported for smoke inhalation. >> i had a firefighter exit the building suffering from smoke inhalation. he's been transported to kaiser for evaluation. >> reporter: the firefighter is expected to be okay. no residents suffered any injuries. but it was really cold outside in the city. a bus was brought down to keep residents warm. the american red cross is helping residents with food and shelter. just so you know, it's a knew days before christmas. the american red cross told me that they will be working with san francisco firefighters out here to try to get some toys and some presents for these children who are displaced from their homes. reporting live in san francisco, lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. 8:49. a bomb squad in san mateo had to be called in to remove some old chemicals inside a home. they've been at the house on parrot drive for years so they were too dangerous to move. about 8:30 last night, the home was boarded up and the bomb
8:51 am
squad detonated the chemicals in sand in the front yard. no one was hurt. with as bitter, legal fight but now the lawyers for thomas kincaid's estranged widow and his girlfriend said they settled his multi-million dollar estate. we still don't know whether the widow or the girlfriend will get kincaid's mansion and his wherehouse of paintings. pinto claimed it was her because of a barely ledgible willed note. kincaid was legally separated from his wife. there is a new audit out of oakland's parking payment system that shows the city held on to more than $300,000 it should have refunded, at least to the san francisco "chronicle." state law requires cities to give back any ticket over payments -- overpayments. they will now automatically refund payments of $200 or
8:52 am
more. drivers, you can still apply for refunds. most other cities automatically refund overpayments. ten minutes before 9:00. san francisco's superior court presiding judge katherine feinstein will retire at the end of the year. she spent more than 12 years on the bench and now says she's open to doing something in public service from setting up effective judicial systems in africa to running for public office. yes, she's the daughter of u.s. senator dianne feinstein. a new survey says more teenagers are smoking marijuana. researchers at the university of michigan surveyed more than 45,000 9th, 10th and 12th graders. >> the survey also found that
8:53 am
fewer teens think marijuana is harmful compared to past surveys. 8:51. we have new information about a report the other day of a man with a gun at a bay area city college. what police are now saying about the reason that campus was locked down. plus sal will have one last check on your morning commute. wow. look at the bay bridge. it looks extremely light.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
police say -- police say a report of a man with a gun at san jose city college was not based on first-hand information. campus police received a call -- he a call, the -- received a call. the call was received by someone he never met. and the school was put on lockdown for about 3 hours while police search for the gunman. police did not find anything suspicious. but they say the caller did the right thing by reporting the incident. investigators in newtown, connecticut are still out there searching for clues in last week's school shooting. yesterday, they removed boxes of evidence from the gunman's home. the connecticut post is reporting the young shooter wanted to become a marine, spent showers playing violent goo games and went to firing -- violent video games a lot and went to firing ranges with his mother. in the meantime, funeral
8:57 am
arraignments -- arrangements for the gunman's mother are being made at her hometown in new hampshire. that's according to the chief medical examiner who didn't say if the body of the gunman has been claimed. residents say they have mixed feelings about the mother and her name has been off the list of victims at many of the vigils there. gifts are pouring into newtown, connecticut. so much so, the town reportedly brought in four shipping containers just to hold all of the donations. back here at home, mayor ed lee will introduce new legislation today aimed at reducing gun violence in the bayview district. 17-year-old montrell blakely is one of two teenage eswho died last weekend. mayor lee called the deaths horrible. there have been 67 homicides around san francisco this year compared to 50 at this time
8:58 am
last year. let's check in with sal one more time for an update on traffic. we just saw the bay bridge toll plaza look unbelievably empty. let's look at it again. the bay bridge toll is looking nicely. we're looking at the commute. if you are driving in san francisco -- i just got a tweet from oakland police saying there is an injury crash at 7th and madison. expect a detour and delay in that area. and to the 880 freeway in fremont, that traffic is busy. let's go to mark. it's dry out there. it's very cold. a few upper 20s, 30s and 40s. into the afternoon, you will notice an increase in the high clouds. the chance of a north bay shower but get ready for some real rain and saturday morning and sunday morning. moderate to heavy rain and even for the rest of the month tori and dave we coulden tracking some more rain as well. it could be somewhat of a
8:59 am
concern when the rivers -- with the rivers. >> rain and snow? >> rain and snow up in the sierra. so remember that if you are traveling up there. >> thank you for joining us. >> be sure to join us at noon for more on the toy give away in san jose. thanks for watching.

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